Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet Joy King Jones -The License Free Radio Lady!

Have you heard about all the new happenings at Falcon Direct?  Our boss isn't satisfied with just competing with other companies.  Now he wants us to compete with each other!  Andy Rich is doing his thing with eBay, Candice Staggs is making crazy offers on Facebook, and I am at the helm in managing our offerings at Amazon!

My name is Joy King Jones, a name to remember if you have any interest in license free MURS radios.  Lot's of people are interested in license free communications.  An FCC license can be expensive and require long waiting periods for approval.  This can be a real problem, in particular for retail merchants during the Christmas selling season.  

MURS radios don't require an FCC license, and we have a full line of commercial grade MURS radios including portables, fixed stations, customer assist wireless calling units, and 2-way call boxes for use at doors and gates.  You can learn more about MURS by clicking here.  MURS by Ritron, Inc. is perfect for churches, construction, retail stores, schools, and many other uses.  We are proud to offer Ritron MURS radios, most of which are made in the USA, and available on from Falcon Wireless Direct and yours truly!

Why not give me a call at 800.489.2611 and let's communicate!  Joy King Jones - At your service!