Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New affordable alternative to PC based dispatch consoles announced!

It is not unusual to lose console connectivity at dispatch centers.  The question is, what do you do when your console or one of your primary dispatch radios fails?  Or what do you do if you lose electrical power?  Or what do you do if you need to add another dispatch radio or two and you old console is maxed out?  Or what do you do if you want to add a secondary PSAP but don't have an extra $50,000 or more lying around?  The answer is simple - you call Falcon Direct!

Touch screen dispatch systems based on PC based technology and IP connectivity are great if you have lots of money, IT personnel on staff and a service contractor capable of responding quickly.  There are lot's of vendors out there with equipment to serve your needs ranging from Avtec to Zetron and others in between.  But how about all the rest of you?  What do YOU do?  What  you do is to call Falcon Direct and get all the details on our modular mechanical marvel, commonly known as the Controller II.

We introduced Controller II back in June of 2012 (Click here for initial introduction announcement).  We didn't announce pricing at that time.  Now we ARE!  But before we do, let us tell you what Controller II can do!

Controller II (shown above with optional MDC-1200 Unit ID Display), is capable of controlling up to ten associated 2-way radios, VHF or UHF.  The standard system includes six radios, any combination of VHF or UHF with provisions for adding four more at $2,000 per pair.  The standard Controller II is only $7,495 complete with your choice of a desk microphone, gooseneck microphone, or headset.  Selection of any radio is made a single button. An optional desktop 2-tone paging encoder or MDC-1200 unit ID display is $1,000 additional.  

You can connect multiple Controller II's for larger dispatch operations if desired.  Our standard warranty is one year with a five year warranty optionally available. Better yet, we offer a Next Day Exchange (NDE) plan for just $1,200 annually which includes all transportation costs, or local technician visits within 150 miles of Birmingham, AL, all repairs, excluding electrical or weather related damage, and use of an exchange unit if your unit requires repair.

There is nothing quite like Controller II at anywhere near the initial price, capability, or operating cost.  For more information, give us a call at 800. 489.2611, or you can order on line by clicking here