Sunday, April 1, 2012

An introduction to the Future - Part One!

URNX Radio
The radio at the left looks pretty much like a lot of other VHF and UHF 5/4 watt radios, but that is where difference begins.  THIS radio is about the same size and weight of a Minitor V pager yet it costs a WHOLE lot less even though it is IP67 rated for full submersion operation, along with being MIL-SPEC 810F and it covers the entire 136-174 or 400-470 MHz range!  

In addition to paging, it can transmit on up to 512 channels and it is covered by a three year factory warranty.  Now, we invite you to compare some other features with whatever radio your may be purchasing now.  Does your radio have 1 full watt of audio?  A 2600 mAH battery with over 15 hours of operation between charges?  A dual slot rapid rate charger?  Does your radio have a channel select knob on the top of the radio?  Can your radio be stunned or killed over the air?  Does your channel display show both the Channel Number AND the Channel Name? And, if you want to talk about toughness, we invite you to view a short video by clicking here.  After seeing this video, you WILL know that this is one tough radio!  And, if you would like to know more about the features and functions, click here!

We could go on and on, but you should be getting the idea by now. Our little radio has a built in inversion scrambler, and we program and ship it for free!  Want to know what all this costs?  Just $258 complete!  Get a speaker-mic or an ear microphone with lapel mic for just $100 more in our special combination package.  Does that sound expensive?  Maybe that's because we forgot to mention that this is for a WIRELESS audio accessory with a 30 foot range away from the radio!  Want to know more?  Give us a call at 800-489-2611 or drop us an email to for more information on URNX portable.  The future is here - TODAY!   

One last comment - There are other TecNet products that may be of interest, including a mobile with a wireless speaker microphone controller with a range of over 300 feet away from the vehicle!  If you need the full power of a mobile from your portable radio, check out our vehicular repeater priced at well under $1,000 at  You'll be glad you did!