Sunday, March 18, 2012

MotoTRBO and NEXEDGE Trunking not eligible for FEMA Funding!

The 2012 SAFECOM Guidance excludes the purchase of equipment funded with grant money provided through FEMA that is based on proprietary standards.  If you have received,or anticipate receipt, of a FEMA Assistance to Firefighter grant, you will be well advised to acquire a copy of the 2012 SAFECOM Guidance and in particular, turn to page 28 where you will read....... 

Design, construction,50 implementation, enhancement, replacement, and maintenance of emergency response communications systems and equipment. Grant funds may be used to design, construct, implement, enhance and maintain interoperable emergency communications systems. Equipment activities should focus on: Migration to approved, open-architecture, standards-based interoperable technologies.

Notice the term open-architecture.  This means equipment availability from more than one manufacturer.  This means that MotoTRBO Capacity Plus trunking is EXCLUDED since it is available from only one manufacturer.  This is a proprietary system as is the Kenwood NEXEDGE trunking system.  This same restriction applies to P25 systems that exclude all but a single manufacturer.

Speaking of interoperability, the word means what it says.  In two separate cases, system suppliers have deliberately programmed user systems to EXCLUDE interoperability. Click here for more information.

Don't take the word of any manufacturer or dealer that encourages your to violate the SAFECOM 2012 standards.  It could be a VERY costly mistake.  If you suspect you are in violation, you are encouraged to contact the  Office of the Investigator General at the Department of Homeland Security to correct the situation at your earliest convenience.

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