Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Vehicle Command System

Fire department users have long known that operating sirens and pumps can lead to hearing loss as well as compliance issues with NFPA and OSHA. Vehicle intercoms with protective headsets have provided a solution but these systems are primarily designed for larger departments. Rural fire departments also frequently also have problems with portable talk-back range. Vehicle repeaters, although somewhat expensive, are sometimes used as a solution.

Now there is a single low cost alternative! It's called a Vehicle Command System or just VCS for short. A VCS system connects directly to your vehicle radio to provide extended communications of up to 1100 feet from the vehicle WITH NO PORTABLE RADIO REQUIRED! A single NFPA and OSHA compliant headset provides direct wireless digital communications through your existing mobile radio to provide personal communications with the power of a mobile! No FCC licensing is required and the VCS is affordable!

If you already have a Firecom vehicle intercom system, you can add the VCS for just $795. You can do the installation yourself with no technician required! If you don't have a vehicle intercom system, you can get a vehicle interface, headset, and controller for just $1,095 complete! Additional information is available at www.info4u.us/VCS.pdf.

If you are still working on your 2010 AFG application, you may want to include the VHS as an accessory to your mobiles. It is classed as a communications device, and it definitely is safety related! By the way, if you would like budgetary pricing for other available products qualifying for AFG funding, please see www.info4u.us/afg2010gp.pdf. You'll be glad you did!