Sunday, November 15, 2009

MURS License Free Base Stations

Wireless communications systems provide enhanced SAFETY, improved EFFICIENCY, and LITIGATION AVOIDANCE. The heart of the system is an efficient and affordable calculator sized 2-way communications device known as the Jobcom Base (See for a short video describing this unique product).

The Jobcom MURS base station, shown at the left is a popular alternative to portable radios in hospitals, manufacturing plants, and schools with the capability to communicate with portable radios, gate control systems, integrated Public Address Systems, and wireless sensor reporting devices with no FCC license required!

One of the lesser known applications for the MURS Jobcom station is that of a wireless Intercom for schools. With a nominal price of $299, the Jobcom base is a simple and affordable alternative to wired intercom systems since there is no installation cost. Just plug it in and it's ready to go! Each "station" has the ability to communicate with the office, with other Jobcom base units, or directly to and from supervisory portable radio units. See

Each classroom unit has individual, group, and all call capability. This provides flexibility far beyond wired intercom systems with unrestricted access to assistance of any kind when required at the touch of a button. The Jobcom base station can be either wall mounted or placed on the desk of the teacher as desired.

In outside areas or hallways, we offer the LoudMouth PA (See in two different versions Both models are available for license free MURS use or on traditional VHF or UHF licensed frequencies. The LPA model, priced at $597 can be connected to a standard wired system to provide access and control from the Jobcom base or most portable 2-way radios. The LM model, priced at $698 is supplied with a high powered amplified speaker for outdoor areas or areas not connected to an existing wired intercom.

As you can see, the Jobcom base wireless intercom system is not only an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional wired intercoms, it has significant enhanced capabilities as well. We have listed just a few of the additional capabilities available with companion products. We can also use the Jobcom MURS base station in association with sensor monitoring of entry, fire, or HVAC monitors as well as remote control of doors or gates.

The Jobcom base station is compatible with most VHF or UHF radio systems with both unlicensed MURS VHF as well as licensed VHF or UHF models also available. 

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