Thursday, October 29, 2009

ECAN system for EMA and First Responders now available

Introducing ECAN!

SDR Plus, a Division of Falcon Direct, Inc. announces the development and availability of the efficient & affordable Emergency Communications and Administrative Network (ECAN) especially designed to meet the needs of Emergency Management Administrators.

The ECAN system can link State, Regional, and Local Emergency Management offices in times of need or for routine administrative use at a cost of only $265 per agency!

No expensive infrastructure is required and the system can be expanded to include field operational units consisting of Desktop, Laptop, NetBook computers as well as most Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile) devices, and even 2-way radios.

In addition to serving the administrative and emergency networks needs, the ECAN system can be expanded to include connectivity to fire and rescue, law enforcement, school, and transportation agencies. The system can also provide connectivity with adjoining state agencies as well as others involved in emergency response activities at the municipal, county, state, federal, and even international levels.

Setting up ECAN is as simple as downloading the main program for your Internet connected office PC which links you to our server as well as any other users in the ECAN system anywhere in the world. The cost is only $265 for software, support, and server

You can add ECAN software to Internet, data card or WiFi enabled laptop PCs, NetBooks, or PDAs for just $265 additional. You’ll have direct connection with your office and other users regardless of location, and as a special offer to new customers, the cost of software for the second unit is FREE through the end of 2009.

Now, here’s the REALLY big news. You can link your office PC and any 2-way radio system for just $1,879. With our SiteBASE unit, you can talk on your 2-way radio from your software enabled Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile PDA, Laptop, NetBook, or PC ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Now that is truly administrative control and it is a fraction of the cost of any other interoperable solution.

Additional information is available from Burch Falkner at SDR Plus by calling 205.854.2611, by email request to, or visiting the company web page at