Friday, June 5, 2009

History lesson - VE Day!

May 8, 1945,is  the date when the World War II Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the end of Adolf Hitler's Third ReichWe in the  United States  have all heard the haunting song, 'Taps.' It's the song that gives us the lump in our throats as we remember the sacrifices others made for us. But, do you know the story behind the song?  If not, I think you will be interested to find out about it's true beginnings. Contrary to popular reports, it is not the result from the story of the Civil War Captain and his son.  For the true story, please go to:

And by the way, if you haven't heard Taps in awhile, preceded by Amazing Grace, take a look and listen to the following link: