Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blogging for Newbie’s

Many people look at this blogging thing with all the varied options and conclude they simply don’t want to invest the time to learn what blogging is all about.  Can’t say we blame them, so we thought it may be time to help those who want to receive our blogs in a simple 10 step process.

First, let us explain that our Blog is a Business Blog with specific areas of interest.  The purpose of using a Blog instead of traditional email is that YOU are in total control of what you get and how you get it.  Let’s explain how that works by looking at our Blog page at On the top right side of the page, you will see a listing of interest topics.  These are known as Labels.  This particular Blog is a General Interest Blog.

You can receive all of our Blogs, by email, as they are released or you may only want to receive General Interest Blogs or Public Safety Blogs, or Blogs just for Mayors.  Better yet, sign up to receive all our Blogs as much of the information is of interest to multiple groups.  Here’s how you sign up with Google, our preferred choice.

If you don’t have a Gmail address, go to to set up a Gmail account.  If you already have a Gmail account, you can skip this step.  Save your new Gmail address.  You’ll be needing this later.  Now, let’s go back to the Google home page.  You will note that your new Gmail account name appears at the top right center of the Google home page. Click on Gmail left of top center of the page.

When your Gmail account opens, click on Settings (just to the right of your Email account name at the top of the page).  When Settings opens, you will see a gold task bar with a selection for Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  Click on this link.  The Forwarding box will open.  Normally, the Disable Forwarding selection will be checked.  If you want your Email Blog sent to another account (which is normal), click on the Forward a copy of incoming mail and insert your regular email address.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.  You are now ready to sign up to receive our Blogs.  The hard part is over!

Now, go to  When the page opens, scroll down to the Subscribe To section in the right hand column. Now, click on the Posts selection.  When the Google page opens, click on the Add to Google Reader selection.  Enter your new Google account name and password.  Finish up by following the instructions on the screen. 

If you only want to receive Blogs from us in a single category, click on the desired category after opening our Blog page and THEN click on the Add to Google under the Posts icon. You will now receive our Blogs instantly as they are released.  You can add other Blogs of interest in the same manner. 

That wasn't so bad was it?