Sunday, October 26, 2008

New radios from Maxon!

Maxon is the company that gave us our first affordable public safety radios back in the 70's with a four channel crystal model that offered compact size, light weight (at least for it's time), durable construction, and inexpensive accessories.

Without going into the details, let us just say that many Korean manufacturers have suffered greatly under the burden of Chinese competition.  That's the bad news as Korea is one our strongest trading partners.  The good news is that Maxon has not only answered the Chinese challenge, they have introduced radios that raise the bar to the next level!

Two brand new radios are now available that offer incredible value, features, functionality, MIL-SPEC 810F reliability at a price of only $289!  Your choice mobile or portable, VHF or UHF with the features and performance of radios costing hundreds of dollars more.  Check them out at  You'll be glad you did!